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Signal Electric Cable Reel

The signal cable coder is designed for coiling up and spooling off the signal cable which transfers low electrical signal, such as the signal cable connecting the tensile and copression sensor. In an electric cable reel with a drum from and onto which a current conducting electric cable with electric end connections is windable, the drum is fixed, and a cable guiding rotatable round the axis of the drum is arranged for guiding the cable out from and onto the drum. When the testing equipment is moving, the coiler will intelligently trace it and coil up or spool off the cables, avoiding abruption or pressing broken because of the cables storage irregularly, thus make sure the testing procedures can be carried on smoothly.

Structure features:

  1. Using differential ring to transfer the signal without contact in the cables.
  2. Coder end equipped with limit protection unit to keep the differential ring safe.
  3. Using spiral spring power to rotate the coiler to coil up or spool off the cables automatically and intelligently without itself energy consumption. This structure keeps reliability in operation and much less worn-out.

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Overall dimension table
Contour items A B C D1 D2 d E F W (kg)
1 286 336 318 500 600 13 283 600 100 95
2 336 318 500 600 362 680 105
3 372 418 700 800 457 888 135
4 372 418 700 800 521 958 150
Main technical data
Cable Model 10m
Contour Item 15m Series Contour Item 20m Series Contour Item 25m Series Contour Item
RVVP 4×0.5 JTA-10-4 1 JTA-15-4 2 JTA-20-4 3 JTA-25-4 4
RVVP 6×0.5 JTA-10-6 1 JTA-15-6 2 JTA-20-6 3 JTA-25-6 4