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electric cable reel
industrial cable reel

Guide for pattern selection

  1. A cable reel is a round, drum-shaped object used to carry various types of electrical wires. Cable drums and reels have been used for many years to transport electric cables and wire products. Varieties of cable reels and hose reels (transferring gas or liquid) are available designed and manufactured by Yuxiang.
  2. Cable reel driven by swirling spring is optional for the cables with less weight and short traveling distance. Cable reel driven by moment motor or three - phase asynchronous motor (hysteresis motor) is suitable for the cables with heavy weight and traveling distance. According to the on-site exogenetic force or weight-loaded driving can be used as dring power.
  3. The winding length of the cable comes standard upon "L" in Installation Pattern Sketch. The available lengths are as follows : 1). L+3 loops in Pattern A; 2). L+h+3 loops in Pattern BE; 3). 1 loops in Pattern C & D; 4). The cable length in Pattern E and F can be determined upon the on-site conditions. Please note when ordering.
  4. In pattern C, the cable reel is mounted on the ground. There is relative friction between the cables and the ground when the real is winding or unwinding. Thus, a rollaway nest should be mounted within the motion area to minimize wear-and-tear of the cables.
  5. In pattern F, there generally comes standard of H=0.14L, h= 0.5H. If H is less than 0.14L and h less than 0.5H, the values of H and h must be specified when ordering.
  6. Cable reel will be equipped with specially designed roller brackets for the convenience of installation if provided with electric block to run on the single bridge crane.
  7. The outlet directions are marked in the overall dimension drawing. Please note when ordering unless otherwise specified.
  8. The cable weight (transferring tube) is excluded from the column of "Mass" in overall dimension table.
  9. If there is no special specification, the moment motor powered and hysteresis motor powered cable reels are generally of overhanging type in the structure patterns.
  10. The customer should provide the extra cables if the cable length exceeds 30 meters (including 30 meters).
Cable Reel

Structure types
I-slip ring built -in (Usually not marked)   II-slip ring exterior installed
III-Overhanging installed

phase number or hose number

drum length of cable

Capacity: electric current (signal table reel or hose reel without this option

Installation patterns:
Vertical coiling
Vertical coiling through radial reversing wheel
Horizontal coiling on the ground (reel fixed)
Horizontal coiling on the ground (reel movable)
Horizontal Hanging Coiling
Hanging Coiling

power types:
T-spring type     D- moment motor powered
asynchronous motor powered cable reel

Reel type:
J-cable ree
QJ- gas hose reel

pattern A-vertical Coiling
Pattern A-Vertical coiling
Pattern B-Vertical coiling through radial reversing wheel
Pattern B-Vertical coiling through radial reversing wheel
Pattern C-Horizontal coiling ground reel fixed
Pattern C-Horizontal coiling ground (reel fixed)
Pattern D-Horizontal coiling on the ground coiler movable
Pattern D-Horizontal coiling on the ground (coiler movable)
Pattern E-Horizontal overhanging coiling
Pattern E-Horizontal overhanging coiling
Pattern F-Overhanging coiling cable reel
Pattern F-Overhanging coiling