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Non-contact Commutating Control Apparatus Series MTQE

This product series is a new product leading international advenced technology, designed and developed by Yuxiang.and fills the gap in domestic industry.lt uses thyristor three-phase bridge commutating mode to achieve the required DC output voltage by controlling trigger pulse,requiring no DC contactor but thyristor to control excitation on positive direction and magnetism erasing on opposite direction within the lot circuit of control loop.which avoids the errors caused by contact are pulling of the contactor and prolongs the product service life.

It is suitable for high frequency operation easily and flexibly.Its constant voltage control made can be changed into strong excitation control mode or voltage adjustable control mode under minor adjustment.

Model designation

Non-contact Commutating Control Apparatus,Commutating Control Apparatus supplier,Electromagnetic Control

C for indoor type:D for outdoor type

With discharge circuit mode

Rated power

All-electron control mode

Input-3 -phase 380V

Thyristor module

Main technical data
  Model input voltage   output voltage (KW)
output power
 overall dimension (mm) Mass (kg)
MTQE-14E-C AC380/3Φ 220 14 650 1250 550 370 130
MTQE-19E-C AC380/3Φ 220 19 650 1250 550 370 150
MTQE-25E-C AC380/3Φ 220 25 900 1110 800 370 180
MTQE-32E-C AC380/3Φ 220 32 900 1110 800 370 190
MTQE-38E-C AC380/3Φ 220 38 900 1110 800 370 200