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Lifting Electromagnet Model Series MW22

Lifting Electromagnet, Lifting MagnetLifting Electromagnet Series MW22
Lifting Electromagnet Model Series MW22


Suitable device for lifting and transferring steel ingots, large blooming billet, rolled -steel section, lifting and transporting round billet, profiled bar etc. Different magnetic circuit designs are optional for different kinds of steel products. This product series include lifting electromagnet for handling double "T" steels, blooming billets, girder billets and coiled wire stock (round coil).


When lifting and transporting, there is no need to use steel wire or C type hook. The rod coil only occupies a very small area and has high empty-occupied rate, which makes it not easy to destroy the rod coil. The specially designed magnetic circuit is suitable for rod coils of various diameters and the selection of magnet model depends on the length. If the electromagnet is long enough, it can handle several pieces of rod coils in the length direction, but the coils' arrayed length should be within the length of the magnet.

MW22 Series Lifting Electromagnet Specification:

Standard Overall dimension(mm) Weight(kg) Current Power
MW22-8054L 850 1250 500 570 650 430 1100 30 6.6KW