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lifting electromagnet for lifting steel pipe or bundled rebar
lifting electromagnet for transfering steel plate
lifting electromagnet for turing and transporting steel slab
Lifting Electromagnet for transfering steel scraps
Lifting Electromagnet for transfering cast ingot

General description of the Lifting Electromagnet


Lifting electromagnet is used extensively at metallurgical (especially at the kinds of steel works), port, goods yard, store-house, wharf and mining machinery etc. It is widely used for carriage, loading and unloading. It can lift, turn and transport all kinds of steel plate, steel ingot, steel scrap, steel slab, steel pipe, steel ball, section steel and other steel products.

Crust of our lifting electromagnet adopts closing and welding steel plate structure, featuring good moistureproof property, long service time and light weight product. Magnetic motive force for suction is strong. Powerful attracting iron ability. Inside of magnet adopting insulating material of high property and special filler characteristic, thus it has high strength and conducts heat rapidly, the insulating property and conduct heat grade are raised too. The product wins appraisal of Jingsu province. The products may make up use for hoisting and transporting longer section steel. Applied to lifting and transporting magnet-conductive materials such as steels and irons in metallurgy industry, mining industry, machinery industry communication and transportation industry. It is also used as electromagnetic manipulator to hold magnet-conductive materials like steels and irons.

Main Features of our lifting electromagnet

  1. Rugged-all-welded construction with good moisture-proofing.
  2. Mjorized design by computer with reasonable structure, light dead-weight, strong attraction force and low energy consumption.
  3. Tile energizing coils are processed by special technology to improve the electrical property and mechanical property of the energizing coils. Heal-resistant grade of insulating material reaches Grade C with long service life
  4. Rated power-on sustaining rate of normal type electromagnet is increased from 50% in the past to 60%, which improves the efficiency of the electromagnet.
  5. Ultra-high temperature type electromagnet adopts unique method of heat-protection, the temperature of the attached materials is increased from 600V in the past to 700℃, which expands application range of the electromagnet.
  6. Simple and convenient installation, operation and maintenance.

Notes on Model Selection

  1. If temperature of the attached material is below 1OOK℃, please choose normal temperature type. If it is above 100℃, please choose high temperature type. If it is above 600℃, please choose ultra-high temperature type.
  2. When power-on sustaining rate is above 60%, please choose high frequency type.
  3. When lifting and transporting materials are in water, please choose diving type (depth of diving≤100m). The technical data of diving type lifting electromagnet is the same as that of normal temperature type, so it is not listed in catalogue. If customers need diving type, please state clearly when ordering.
  4. Environment temperature: normal temperature type -5℃~40℃, high temperature type -55℃~80℃. Height above set level is no more than 2000m.
  5. Corollary equipment: when using single unit,choose commutation control equipment and its neccessory equipment according to consumed power (current): whet using combination of several units, choose it according to the sum of the consumed power (current) of the combined units.

Model Designation

Model Designation

Subsidiary specifications code
"1" stands for normal temperature type
"2" "G" stands for high temperature type
"CG"stands for ultra-high temperature type
"-QS"stands for diving type
"-75"stands for high frequency type

Derived code "L" stands for aluminium conducting wire
"T " stands for copper conducting wire

Basic specification code stands for diameter(cm)(round electromagnet) or length×width(cm)(square electromagnet)

Series code

Type code: DC lifting electromagnet