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Grid Type Magnetic Filter

grid type magnetic filter

Grid type magnetic filter has simple structure, it is very easy to operate. We can supply magnetic grid filter of various models with different magnetic force and handling capacity for your selection.

The grid type magnetic filter features high working efficienty in separating iron and the effect is excellent. It can automatically clear the iron impurities and the tiny ferrous-contamination with leak magnetism in the flowing material.


  1. The magnetic strength at the peak value is more than 120000 gauss
  2. Unique and optimum design of magnetic circuit makes the high-gradient magnetic strength, and with the good effect of separation
  3. Can be used to separate the strong magnetism iron impurity and leak magnetism iron impurity such as iron rust, iron scrap and other tiny magnetic impurity
  4. Full catching and strong snap capability available, which can efficiently reduce the times of iron-separation and lower labor working intensity
  5. The key parts use the NdFeB rare earth permanent magnetic material made by the updated techniques, having the solid structure and stable performance for long life usage
  6. No energy-consumption during operation, low operation cost, easy and convenient to install and clear
  7. The standard type can accomodate to the working temperature ≤ 80°C, we can also provide the high-temperature type accomodates to the temperature environment as high as 200°C
  8. Various clearing tool accessories are available for selection
  9. Custom-size and multiple-layer grid designs are available

Magnetic Filter Bar


The magnetic filter bar is widely used for separating the iron impurities from raw material for various industries, like ceramic, chemicals, food, medical, healthy, textile, machinery, pigment, building materials and slurry; separating iron caused by the grinding of machinery or equipments; separating iron impurities in food processing industries (like dehydrated vegetable); for separating iron powder in the process of abrasive industry, like SiC, Corundum, Quartz sand, Aluminum powder and so on; and the feed industry. Magnetic filter bar is made by stainless steel tube and permanent magnet. When the ferrous materials pass through, they will be attracted by strong magnet and absorbed on the pipe wall, so as to ensure the intact of the machinery and the safety of products.magnetic filter bar

The magnetic strength of the filter bar can reach as high as 8000 to 12000 gauss. Sizes and length can be made as customer request. Current diameter specifications include 25mm, 28mm 32mm, 38mm etc. Length is made upon customer request.