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PK series two-grade switch

PK series two-grade switch, belt conveyor protect device,two-grade switch supplier

PK series two-grade switch use for check belt deviate of belt conveyor, It is a kind of protect device of auto-alarm and stop.

The switch have two-grade action function, one grade action use for auto-alarm, two-grade action use for auto stop. The product inside use single cam, move way drive switck action. It have function of waterproof, dustproof, antiseptic so may use outdoor adverse circumstances.

model trigger capacity trigger quantity stand ro11er action angIe constructive form weight
normal open circuit normal close one-grade two-grade limit angle
PK12-30 ≤380V ≤2A 2 2 12° 30° 75° stand roller auto-reduce 3.63 kg
PK20-35 ≤380V ≤2A 2 2 20° 35° 75°
PK10-45 ≤380V ≤2A 2 2 10° 45° 75°