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Lifting equipment, Electric chain hoists, Cranes, Crane Kits, Wire Rope Hoists,jib cranes, runway systems, Crane Care

Products and Services

With our Lifting equipment,we offer the product and services detailed below and in our attached catalogue. We are lifting equipment specialists and offer:

SUPPLIES: - We carry large stocks of Electric chain hoists, Cranes, End Carriages and Crane Kits, many others with a wide range of ropes, shackles, hooks, slings, eyebolts etc. We have a large selection of quality reconditioned lifting equipment including Electric Chain Hoists, Wire Rope Hoists and Cranes.

TESTING: - We carry out proof load testing and Factories Act Examination.

MANUFACTURE: - We design manufacture and install overhead cranes, jib cranes, runway systems, runway beams, davits etc.

MAINTENANCE: - We have maintenance engineers to attend to answer the question about cranes, hoists etc.we will be available from Monday to Friday,please phone 0086-592-2225286

CARE: - We would like to answer any question about Crane Care Planned Maintenance programme,our specialist engineers will check your mail and teach you how to inspect and care your cranes at regular intervals and provide you with a comprehensive Inspection suggestion.

DESIGN: - We have in-house Computer Aided Design (CAD) and analysis facilities which utilize all the benefits of Finite Element Analysis (FEA), 3D simulation modeling and 2D drafting techniques to provide safe, efficient, ergonomic and economic bespoke design solutions for a wide range of material handling problems.

QUALITY POLICY:- We operate and maintain a Quality system complying with ISO9000 and are currently being audited.

ENGINEERS QUALIFIED REGISTERED: - We operate a team of experienced mobile service Engineers to respond quickly and effectively to any breakdowns.